April 23, 2024 at 09:18AM

As we can enjoy a variety of “type/style” of Pizza, there are many different types of Sashiko. When we “have to” define or categorize the Sashiko, we only have a few words to describe each category… Yet it doesn’t mean that the world of Sashiko is so limited.

Well. One of these “Big Categories” is called Hishizashi. It is similar to Kogin, yet different. The photos introduced here are the work of one of my Sashiko Friends (Previous Students) who learned Sashiko from us. The works are still in-progress, but they have their own aesthetics & inspiration. Thanks to her, I learn that the same “Kata (Form)” can be applied to Hishizashi as well.

I feel like what I am teaching in my Sashiko Class is “How to hold a knife & use a cutting board” in cooking. Or I can say I am teaching “How to extract Dashi from ingredients”. It is up to the one who enjoys cooking how to use the ingredients after using the Form & Dashi… either it is a Japanese Food Recipe or something outside of Japan, like Pizza. I do NOT consider it is wrong to mix Pizza & Dashi – I just want them to acknowledge the stories behind when they call themselves “master” of Pizza & Dashi.





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