April 20, 2024 at 09:43PM

Sashiko was a form of hand-stitching developed in a harsh condition with limited resources. So, when we talk about “Principal within Original”, it is “for someone we care”, instead of for ones to be special, express their aesthetics, or showcasing their skills. It is more personal, yet the unit is more like “family” and “community”.

For me, Sashiko exists outside of dualism. It is like a between a letter written for someone specific for the purpose of “being read” and a diary written for myself to keep my words within myself.

For me, Sashiko is a stitching form to add “story” onto fabric. Each Sashiko piece reminds me of when/how/where I was stitching. My students from [Core & Essence] learn to stitch in the rhythm – In doing so, they can “focus” on what they do instead of whether the stitches are accurate or not. Sashiko can be made for the purpose of “to be seen”, or can be kept in their own space for themselves. It can be personal, and it can surprise the world, too. There are quite a big numbers of people who spent their lives in Sashiko – there are a LOT to learn before shouting for “freedom” in modification.




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