March 28, 2021 at 01:10PM

I occasionally wonder what “appreciation” means for others. For me, “appreciation” comes with some action. Without action, the phrase “I appreciate it” is kind of a polite way to say “I don’t care”. One say, “I appreciate Japanese culture”. But they step into a Japanese house without taking shoes off with saying “it is freedom of choice”. The similar case goes to “Inspired”. One say, “Boro inspired me”, but they put so bright color to fabric… I wonder what they are inspired by. Are they using the word for the commercial or “self-assertion” purpose? It is perfectly fine to do so, but then covering their greed with superficial niceness is disgusting. Regardless of what they say, without proper action, they are  same as those saying “I don’t care about Sashiko, but I use the word Sashiko because it brings more people (which I define as Cultural Appropriation, so please do not do it). Is it too much to ask to take an action?

If you can, please, tell your friends what you learn. Stop purchasing from someone who is just taking advantage of the words/culture. If possible, please speak up with me. Everyone has a choice to be a bystander and not be involved. However, then, please  do not cover yourself up by saying “I appreciate it”. Sashiko is more than a mending. Boro isn’t the technique. The Japanese didn’t embrace the imperfection. Sashiko isn’t developed as “slow-stitching”. There are many messages you can find on this account. Please, please help me to re-adjust the words. Groups of privileged people re-wrote a culture – I am not trying to reverse it, and I learned from my older friends, that I may be the last chance to do so in Sashiko. All of my messages are available for free. Please read. Please watch. Please learn, and Please help me.


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