March 27, 2021 at 10:32AM

I often receive a heartwarming comment, “Thank you for your generosity”. Sure, it is my goal to share the Sashiko we practice. It is my pleasure. However… “sharing” was an extreme choice I had made in devastation. I am not (always) a good-positive person with an abundance mind to “share”. I am just desperate in protecting my own culture I grew up with from unnecessary changes.

I introduced a concept of “守破離 (Shuhari)” before. I guess this Japanese-like mindset of “learning” is just “too much work” for many people in expectation of getting instant gratification. Therefore, many teach foriegn culture before sufficient learning. I tried to be quiet before (because I thought it was the way to “protect” the culture). Now, over the Internet where anyone can say anything, I realize that “sharing” is the only way to protect the culture, even if it ends up with losing my possible profit. I am worried about the future. “Sharing” may crash the business I have today. However, I just can’t let ignorance change my own culture. One may say: “Sashiko is a form of stitching to make rice-grain size stitch on the line & stitches pre printed fabric. Whatever thread & needle is good. Just embrace the imperfection”. In this “often” used Sashiko description, only phrase I agree is that the “Sashiko is a form of stitching”.


I am happy that you enjoy what I share. Am I a saint? No, I am just struggling to protect my own identity.


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