March 25, 2021 at 10:02AM

People ask: “Is it okay to do Sashiko on Denim Jeans. It isn’t traditional.” – I answer, “Yes, of course. But, please try to learn what Sashiko is”. I am NOT denying the change in culture – without changes, it isn’t culture. I just want “changes” to be sincere, not by ignorance, not for the profit of someone who doesn’t belong to.

“Sashiko & Denim” is one change. Before I started stitching denim in 2006, it wasn’t as popular as today. I didn’t see many Sashiko & Denim done together. As I had shared an analogy with “Aspirin”, damaging the denim for the purpose of mending, and calling it Sashiko Mending, is very culturally distorted & “wrong”. Apply Sashiko stitchings to strengthen the denim fabric when the denim gets a bit soft but before a hole is probably the “original” image of Sashiko & Denim. We can prolong the denim life by Sashiko. Well, eventually, no matter how much we stitch, the denim will get a hole. Then, it is time to mend the denim with Sashiko stitching (if you want). So, I am NOT saying Sashiko mending with denim is all inappropriate. If you happen to have a hole, it is very beautiful to repair it instead of replacing it. I just want to share how “irrational” to see the act of damaging the fabric for the purpose of mending. You would feel the same if one is damaging their health by not-sleeping, yet celebrating the recovery from headache by taking aspirin.

Mending itself is perfectly fine. However, mending isn’t the whole picture of Sashiko. I want them to learn how to stitch throughout the denim first so we can prolong the denim life before mending.


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