Japanese Sashiko Story March 22

Japanese Sashiko Story March 22

10 years. It is a bit too long for one person to be away from “Home” without reasons. I cannot believe I am nervous to go back to my own country. It is insane. I have reasons that I didn’t go back to Japan for this long. I am not taking a risk to share what are the “reasons” on the Internet… but it is happening thanks to many people from the Internet.

Many tried to convince me of the importance for me to go back to Japan. I had a good & strong excuse – “money” – for not going back to Japan. I didn’t have enough luxury to go back with my family, or even by myself. Some even offered me financial help – which I didn’t have to take for the cancellation due to the pandenic… but it was very encouraging to receive supportive comments.

This year, I am very happy to share “The Sashiko I have been talking about” throughout this tour with 8 participants. At the same time, I would like to involve as many people as possible, especially those who have been supporting us & offered some support to us. Although I cannot take them with me, I want them to be a part of this tour somehow. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to open a platform to accept support. This is probably a way to be fair with everyone, and try to involve them as much as I can. While I am in Japan, I won’t have an hour everyday to write a post. Instead, I will share as much as I can on “Stories” on Instagram & a Blog I prepare. I will share the platform soon on “Story” with a link to it.

Again, I cannot thank those who offered financial support when I got stuck years ago. I have reasons that I hesitate to go back – yet, the encouragement was heartwarming, and I am still here sharing thanks to those kindnesses. I get many “attacks” from trolls here, but I get more kindness & that’s the reason I keep sharing the Sashiko we practice.


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Japanese Sashiko Story March 22

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