March 17, 2023 at 07:48AM

As I often share, Teaching comes with great responsibility. No need for this pressure of responsibility when we just enjoy it. I don’t want you to worry about it too much when you enjoy Sashiko. However, please be noted that there is equally important responsibility like “Teaching” for everyone, you and me. We carry this responsibility regardless of our actions & intentions. It is a action of “recommendation”.

Many ask me for (quick) recommendations for Sashiko. Unless they ask me in Japanese, my answer is “I don’t have any recommendations (so I speak up)”. I wrote that “Teaching” without a sense of responsibility can destroy the culture. Here, “Recommendation to resources that do not carry the sense of responsibility” is equally violent as actual teaching itself: A series of recommendations make a trend, and the “teachers” get more opportunities, and then they will corner themselves to be stubborn, to the point they cannot admit they aren’t learning enough. A good teacher will never say that they know “everything” about it. They know what they can & cannot teach. Using a “strong word” such as “Supreme”, “Ultimate”, “The Only”, “Comprehensive”, and “Authentic” is a great marketing strategy – but we have to know that there isn’t such a thing in culture.

All action comes with consequences. As Spider-man says, “With great power comes great responsibility”. In this society, we are all “Spider-man” in something, especially when we can use “English”. Your words, recommendations, and choices are very powerful, and therefore it comes with great responsibility to preserve the culture of Sashiko & people behind. I really appreciate you following this account & reading. You are helping us greatly. Please be mindful of what you are recommending when you do so.


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