Japanese Sashiko Story March 23

Japanese Sashiko Story March 23

When I say “Sashiko is NOT Art (to me)”, some agree saying Sashiko is a form of “Folk Art”. The general definition of “Folk Art” may describe Sashiko, yet I feel a need of sharing another Japanese word – “Mingei (民藝)”. Well… when I look for the English translation for Mingei, it will be “Folk Art”… so, I am like playing with words… but before offering the answer Sashiko as “folk Art”, I want the world to know the beautiful & unique concept of “Mingei”.

“Mingei” is a more popular word than Sashiko. Soetsu (Muneyoshi) Yanagi found the beauty in “usage” – calling it “You-Soku-Bi 用即美”. He defined “Mingei” with 8 characteristics of its function & beauty. Sashiko was also found as a part of this movement. I am “Not” saying Sashiko is equal to Mingei, though. It is true that Sashiko “can” be under the definition of “Mingei”, but for me who actually have observed people stitching, it is more… personal. When Mingei categorizes the beauty in a “community”, I find Sashiko in a smaller size such as “family”… or even “parent and child”.

I won’t explain the whole picture of my understanding toward Mingei & Sashiko here. It will be like a chapter (which I wrote & it became a chapter on Patreon…). All I am doing here by sharing stories is to ask you/them to not to “define” the answer so easily. Unfortunately, without understanding Japanese, one cannot fully understand what Sashiko is. No need to understand Sashiko fully to enjoy Sashiko itself – I just want to stop the trend of “someone” being a master without even knowing these “basic” knowledge. In Japan, I will try to find a sample of “Mingei”, and hopefully I can elaborate more while sharing more photos & stories. (But again, for me, Sashiko isn’t really equal to Mingei).


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