March 20, 2022 at 08:26PM

The society we live encourages us to not to think. In order to stay above the deluge of information, we need to keep “following” instead of thinking, as if we need to keep swimming or the trend will wipe us away. In reality, we don’t need that much information especially when our goal is to just live (In order to be successful, learning how to swim in the deluge of information can be essential). It may be a type of delusion to make us believe we think while encouraging us to just follow.

In this account, I want you to “think”. The moments of “thinking” will navigate you to my core messages: “Imagine”, “Acknowledge”, and hopefully, “Care”. Instead of following “someone’s answer”, I want you to imagine what it would be like, especially if you are doing something outside of your ordinary.

“Inspired” is a beautiful & convenient word, but also very dangerous. It sometimes excuses us from thinking. In SNS (mainly FB), there are so many” Sashiko/Boro inspired” photos. I wonder what they are inspired by/from – because their understanding (sources of inspiration) are already interpretations of someone non-Japanese – outcome of insufficient translation, or worse: filtration. If one is willing to learn, they do not have to worry about using the words. In contrast, using “inspired” will not exempt anyone from thinking/learning about words. “Inspired” isn’t the magic word: in fact, it may be a word encouraging the possible painful change in culture, it pushes the word walking by itself. What are you inspired by/from?


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