March 16, 2022 at 10:39PM

In March, I am allocating my time in stitching as much as I can. If you are in textile (or in any craft for that matter), unfortunately, “making” itself often does not make ends meet. It is extremely difficult to make a living out of just “hand-making”. I wish I could offer a society where a Sashiko artisan can focus on just stitching. Well, all of my work here, including both stitching & sharing Stories, is to make it happen.

(Sashiko) Stitching not only mends the fabric but also ourselves. I need time to stitch for myself. For that, any kind of “hand-making” can be the remedy. Since “anything” can be the healer, I want them (the people who think they know about Sashiko) to be careful about what they spread. If one hurts others for their healing for themselves, it isn’t true healing: it can be a form of cultural extraction – or worse, exploitation.

As you know, all I am asking is “acknowledge”, and follow “care”. If one acknowledges, and then doesn’t care, I have nothing to do to them. I know we care for each other when we know: and I am here sharing stories & stitching with you. I will be on Youtube Live tomorrow, 3/17, at 9 pm EST for just stitching & sharing Stories. I hope you can make a visit.


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