March 14, 2022 at 07:57PM

I teach Sashiko in Japanese as well. As much as I often say that I am not worried about Sashiko in Japan, there are some Japanese people who wish to learn the Sashiko we practice. I start the workshop by saying, “There is no such a thing as ‘Wrong’ Sashiko” and ask them to learn our Sashiko as one perspective of Sashiko. We can share many analogies of the ordinary Japanese expectation of “No Right and Wrong”. While I started teaching Sashiko in Japanese by request, with having no idea what to teach, now the community I create has been the most comfortable place for me to be, in Japanese, with Japanese people.

I often say that “Sashiko in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient”. I am also still learning what Sashiko can be for Japanese people from the other Japanese Sashiko artisans in Japan. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that “being (fluent in) Japanese” itself won’t validate (secure) what they teach/share. Teaching comes with responsibility, and I would like to make sure that my teaching will not exclude (filter, repaint, suppress) the whole picture of Sashiko: I know it is idealistic, but since I am talking Sashiko as a culture, I would like to leave no ShoSenpaiGata (senior Sashiko artisan)’s mind behind.



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