March 11, 2022 at 08:01PM

If possible, I would like you to stop reading the following caption, and think about the following question from me. Can you think of one word lying down on the fundamentals of the Sashiko I would like to pass down? Today (March 11th) is the day for me to remember the fundamental (origin) of the Sashiko I practice. Not the Sashiko I received from other Japanese Sashiko artisans, but the Sashiko “I (as Atsushi)” would like to pass down.

I have been stitching for a while… Yet, the years of stitching weren’t as easy as one sentence. I used to consider Sashiko as my curse, and I studied so hard to “end” it with my own hands. I have changed a lot – almost the complete opposite, thanks to many people who supported, encouraged, and advised me in the last 12 years: What they had taught me is the one word I am thinking now.

It is “Pray”. The frequent words I use such as “Care” and “Acknowledgement” are more practical words to actually respect Sashiko. In A Deeper area, there is a concept of “Pray”. There are so many (little) things we can control: When we face a matter beyond control, we still don’t give up: and pray. As much as “Control” is important in this society, I would like to share the importance of “acceptance”.


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