March 10, 2022 at 10:07AM

In Japanese history, the Japanese practiced Sashiko in many places all over Japan. The Northern Part of Japan, where they had to live in harsh conditions with limited resources, is one famous region for Sashiko & similar needle work. At the same time, we can find many other places, including very Southern Part of Japan, with Sashiko Stories.

Therefore, I do not want to define what Sashiko is so easily. I do have my own definition, but when I share the definition, it comes with responsibility to share as many other stories as possible to avoid filtering. In fact (therefore), I feel there is no need to come up with the “answers” in Sashiko. This account exists for that purpose – to pass it down as is.

One significant form of Sashiko is “praying” – stitching as a practice of thinking of someone. I encourage you (who read my stories here) to call your stitching Sashiko. When you do so, please think of someone behind the words & practice. Exclusion is very opposite of what I am doing. I am trying to include as many people as possible from one form of “exclusion”, which is ruling a practice and offering the easy answers. There is no answer to pray, so is in Sashiko.




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