March 06, 2022 at 10:52AM

Some may consider me as a “gatekeeper” of Sashiko, the reason for my voices are rather primitive. I just want to protect my mother’s smile, and many smiles that my mother can initiate. In order to do so, I share stories so that I can pass down the Sashiko that makes my mother (Keiko) & our friends smile. It is as simple as that.

One of the significance in Japanese culture is “Inclusion of Difference”. The society in Japan tends to be clannish at the beginning. However, once they decide to accept, the “difference” itself isn’t the issue. Instead of trying to change the difference to be part of “the society”, they include the difference itself. (One result is the Shinto & Buddhism in one place).

Insisting on the “rules” in Sashiko is based on the Western Mindset in Commercialism. Rules exist in Sashiko, but they aren’t for restricting others. The principal of Keiko’s teaching is “No-Rule”, and I am here to support her Sashiko, which is the fundamental of the Sashiko I try to pass down. Your choice supports her & her friends directly. Your choice is the gatekeeper of Sashiko.



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