April 07, 2022 at 05:09PM

It is Thursday, and I will have a Sashiko Live Streaming at 9 pm EST on Youtube Channel [Sashiko Story]. The more I talk to Japanese Sashiko artisan, the more I feel the need to communicate the stories that haven’t been shared. We (as Japanese) do not realize how “unique” our expectation is – in both Good & Bad ways.

It is absolutely important to have the “good design” or “even stitches” in Sashiko. However, the design and even stitches are more like the “outcome” rather than process. Therefore, when one only focuses on the result, it can lose the significance of Japanese Sashiko. You wonder: Then what is the significance of Sashiko you are talking about? My Sashiko Stories are the answer to that. It is impossible to offer the answer in one paragraph – so I want you to think while listening to our voices.

Please, please keep learning what Sashiko can be for you. Sashiko isn’t the marketing term, or useful word, for someone who wants to get attention. It is more than that, and I am here to share what “more” can be.




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