April 12, 2022 at 09:36AM

I try to keep my goal as “simple” as possible. It is to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing with decent change, with as little filtration as possible. The reason I have business (@upcyclestitches) is more primitive: I just want to support my mother, who is an extra-ordinary Sashiko “artist”. This journey started to support her so that she can pay her bills without working part-time in a restaurant (thanks to many support, she can only focus on Sashiko.)

The motivation to keep sharing the Sashiko Story here is also very simple. This account is a series of notes to my daughter, who isn’t ready to understand the difference of culture. I may not be there when she needs to learn one of her origins. I hope the people here will be able to pass something to her. I am happy that these notes can be helpful for those who are in the similar situation as my daughter would be.

Since my goal & motivation is simple and primitive, I can put my ego aside. I used to be quite egoist. “Ego” is quite important to be successful in this society. However, I put myself in the second priority, and therefore I don’t mind sharing everything in public saying “Copy it instead of repaint it”, with the hope that I can make my ends meet by support from those who can afford.

Sashiko & Boro has become (been becoming) something different from what I know in Non-Japanese Language. Change happens in Culture, and I accept it. I just want the change to be more mindful & respectful. I understand the simplification & filteration if we were to “revive” the practice from history. However, if there is a possibility, don’t you want to protect someone who can make this kind of piece in today’s era? I do, and I exist for that.


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