April 14, 2022 at 08:21PM

One of the biggest pleasures in teaching is to see my students becoming so comfortable in Sashiko stitching. I consider them my friends who share the same interest rather than students. Well, with that much achievement in a short period of time, I believe I can prove a lot of my messages here.

Anyone can do Sashiko the same way as we do. All they need to learn is the “Core & Essence” of the Sashiko – which unfortunately are not translated into English yet. (I don’t think it can be translated in plain text… one has to have our individual attention and/or keep watching the videos / reading stories). Of course, anyone can do Sashiko without learning from us. Don’t get me wrong. Our Sashiko isn’t the “goal” – it is just the beginning of their Sashiko.

“Skill” isn’t difficult in Sashiko. The point is whether one can spend thousands of hours stitching. It is all hand-stitching. It takes time. They are people behind the practice, and they (we) have to make our ends meet. So, that’s what makes us unique. “Learning Skill & Technique” became very easy thanks to the Internet & Youtube. I can fix (temporarily) the drain by searching for videos. So are “Sashiko”. Don’t focus on Still too much. Copy our skills. Then, please keep looking for what I really mean by sharing so many stories here, and on Youtube, today at 9 pm EST Thursday night Live Streaming.


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