April 15, 2022 at 10:14PM

We live in a society with many choices. The freedom of choice illustrates our wealth, and appreciating individual value is quite beautiful. We can have choices today thanks to many people who struggled to acquire The Choices. Therefore, it is important to respect the unknown “Seniors” who are the foundation of what we enjoy now. We are here at present to create the future. Both “Now” and “Future” are somewhat an accumulation of all the past. “Traditional” doesn’t mean just “old” – it is an accumulation of their stories. We cannot define or judge which “tradition” is better or worse. There is one history as a fact, but there are so many stories around the history. Sashiko is one of those.

One stitch by One Stitch. All hand-stitched. We choose to hand-stitch. We enjoy hand-stitching. I share Sashiko Stories here in English, but there are millions of unknown stories from unknown Japanese people who practice(d) Sashiko. I am here to pick up as many stories as possible. If we were to focus on sustainability & recycle, let’s try to bring up their stories to the stage to learn more, too. A choice comes with responsibility, and I am here because of my choice & its responsibility.


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