April 22, 2022 at 09:37PM

Earth-Day. My daughter brought me a short essay about what she can do for the earth. From the time of “consuming” the resources, we are now living in the society of “sharing it” with Earth – or thanks to Earth. I hope that Sashiko can contribute to this responsibility as human: with cultural sustainability as well.

I spend my time in yard-working and house-chores as much as I can. Some advise me that I should focus on “Sashiko Business” when the demand is so high. Yes, outsourcing the chores would be a wise choice when I focus on “money”. However, since what I would like to pass down is as many stories as possible about “Sashiko”, these times working in the ordinary with using my own hands are quite important. This year, I could plow the soil in very nice weather on Earth-Day – appreciating good soil with these good helpers (warms).

The key to sustainability, for me, is to understand the “line” instead of “dots”. We can focus on each dot, but we also need to understand that the dot may be a part of a line. The line is the foundation of a circle – which can be a circuration of sustainable days. Sashiko is like that, too. There were people for many years, then we are here, and there will be a future for Sashiko. Please keep learning – as Sashiko is not the marketing term for some superficial (instant) gratification.



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