March 12, 2023 at 03:36PM

My family, who revived Sashiko & tried to protect it, prohibited “Sharing” the Sashiko they practiced among us. No photos were allowed in the store. Workshops were merely for entertainment – not for learning the important essence. It was how they (& many others) tried to preserve/protect their tradition. Keeping “it” secret was once a way to protect it.

The Internet changed it. One photo, one video, one technique can be copied and spread to the entire world as if it is the answer. There is no way to keep anything in a secret box any longer. Well, it is actually a happy case if the copy was done properly & carefully. In a trend (where speed & short are important), anyone can be a teacher (master) of anything at any point. The Internet mixed both stones and gems. It is our own responsibility to find (define) what is valuable among many types of “answers” as instant gratifications.

It is impossible to keep it secret. Therefore, I decided to share everything. I mean, “EVERYTHING” so that the culture (People & Stories) won’t be lost. I offer Workshops & Classes with fees to make the culture more sustainable, but it isn’t the requirement to enjoy Sashiko. I want everyone to enjoy Sashiko – and I even “encourage” them to copy & share, with one sincere favor & demand: to articurate where “it” comes from. In 2023, my focus is to speak about the importance of this “Upstream” of the culture (please find an analogy with “River”). I really appreciate those who list this account when they share their own fantastic Sashiko works (They are “beyond” my teaching and all achievements are theirs… I just appreciate them/you for mentioning us).

There is a reason I call what I do as “Teaching”. It isn’t like a workshop “Let’s enjoy Sashiko Together”. Teaching is comprehensive, logical, and therefore meaningful in both technique & understanding (Connecting). That’s what “learning” is, right?


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