March 13, 2023 at 01:47PM

As I share a lot, I receive many responses thanking me. It is my pleasure to do so, and I appreciate you being here to share what I share to somewhat preserve the Sashiko we practice. When I say I am “sharing everything” with our Sashiko to preserve it, I receive many supportive comments like “I agree with you”. Well, let’s step back. I do not want you to agree so easily as this is an extreme choice I had to make. This is very important, and I need to clarify.

There are many artisans & professional craftsmen (for Japanese, we have a name for them “Shokunin”). They tend to be hesitant to “share” – as they aren’t good at communicating, expressing, and putting their thoughts into words. I decided to share the Sashiko we practice because I couldn’t stand the emptiness of the Sashiko introduced in English. However, I would never think that “being shared on the Internet” is better than “being lost”. It is their choice. It is my Choice. When I see an artisan who decides to NOT to share, I completely understand. It is extremely painful. It wasn’t an easy decision. It is still not an easy decision.

I understand the feeling of artisans who do not speak up. Some are satisfied with what they do. The other may have just given up in this society. I was one of those. In this society, it is NOT the artisans’ solo-responsibility to pass down the practice. It is OUR responsibility to “receive” it, and moreover convince them to hand it over by showing respect & more importantly “seriousness”. It is “us” who need to be wise, not the artisans. How do we become wise? It is easy – just know who you are learning from. Culture is like a thread connecting all the dots, and it takes time to learn it.


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