March 11, 2023 at 05:27PM

What is “Sashiko” for you? Why do you do Sashiko? In a trend, in a society with Abundant Quantities, Sashiko has become a “Choice”. It is true that we no longer stitch for survival. We have a choice to turn on a space heater when it is cold. However, it is also true that there are people & stories that they hugely & deeply depended on Sashiko to “live”. I am one of those, and the book introduced in the previous post is about them.

You have read & heard about this everywhere… books, lectures, TVs, or even a conversation with friends. [There is no “failure” when we “continue”]. This true statement is teaching us the importance of continuing things – keep “doing” things. An individual who continues will reach their success sooner or later – and it is often credited to them as their individual effort. Here, I would like to mention another part of unsung heroes – those who try to keep (protect/preserve) the stages one can continue “doing”.

I know I will continue doing Sashiko until the day of my life. I have hated Sashiko enough to accept my fate. Therefore, a bit more ambitious, I would like to continue offering a “place” to be together, while learning what Sashiko is. Some can continue doing one thing without any “places” – but it is much easier to do so when we have a “place” to be, to embrace, and even to “go back” after some break of continuity.

12 years after the day – 3/11. I am so proud of them continuing both “doing” and “protecting a place” in Otsuchi (@ootsuchisashikoproject) – they… and we can continue thanks to many support from all over the world.



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