March 04, 2023 at 10:55PM

Sashiko amplifies the significance of “current moment” – and therefore, Sashiko can represent who the stitcher is. One of my hopes in sharing Sashiko is to be like a “mirror”. Instead of offering (or even imposing) you the “Correct Answers”, I want them to face the “answers” they already have. In today’s society where we do not have to worry about “surviving for tomorrow” much, “choices” are the key to find who we are.

Well. A choice is challenging as we all look for the “Right Choice”. When we worry about the “future”, we simultaneously make the past with satisfaction or regret. Again, in today’s society, it is quite difficult to focus on the moment we have now – but Sashiko often enables us to do so.

We all have our value: If you are reading this in English, you probably have “Western Value” or have an ability to understand it. In my teaching, “I” learned how different Sashiko can be from Western values. I am very happy that I can offer something different – so please keep learning. One day, you will find a mirror for yourself.

長年私達のアカウントをフォロー下さっている方であれば、この投稿をみて、「ん?」と思われたかもしれません。そう、ななさん (@na.na_45) の刺し子です。結構前に頂いた写真です。ななさんのReelをみながら、昔を思い出して実際に針目をみて楽しんでいました。手仕事だから当たり前のことなのかもしれませんが、刺し子は「刺す人」によって全く違う表情を見せてくれます。もっと言うと、刺している人の深層心理というか、鏡というか、自分でも気がつかないことを気がつかせてくれたり、はたまた刺し子の時間の本音の部分を引き出してくれたり…と、なかなかに面白いのです。



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