March 03, 2023 at 03:43PM

The lecture in Quiltcon 2023 was one big challenge for me. You could probably tell my challenge from the title: [Japanese Sashiko Today as Cultural Sustainability]. One possible way of composing the lecture is based on “Show & Tell”. I believe it would have been one good lecture as well. However, I decided to focus on “Delivering the message via Sashiko” on top of sharing the basic information of what Sashiko is. I hope that the message was somewhat delivered – and I will keep offering the similar lecture online & whenever I am asked to do so.

At the end of the lecture, I hinted at my recent idea for the difference between “Quilting” and “Sashiko”. From a stitchery point of view, there aren’t many differences – however, I found one significant difference from a cultural (and historial) perspective. I shared my tentative idea toward the end of the lecture, and I will do so on the Youtube Live Streaming next week (March.10th at 9 pm EST).

It is quite interesting that the message I wanted to deliver & the idea toward the difference between Quilting and Sashiko correspond to each other. The fundamental difference may be rooted in our belief, philosophy, or even “religions” that I try not to talk about here, yet influence can be significant. Therefore, I would like (need) to keep sharing the stories besides those who share instant & easy answers that sounds so comfortable to anyone regardless of the differences – I love Sushi without raw-fish in States, but the culture of Sushi won’t be whole when one ignore the stories of raw-fish – if one titles them as specialist (in Sushi), they need to eat it even if it makes them uncomfortable.

Well. Enough with analogy. I hope this will become “mind food” for you to enjoy “thinking”. I will try to talk about it in the next Live Streaming.


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