March 02, 2023 at 11:11AM

As you may know, I set a limit on the number of workshops I offer every year. It is my sincere pleasure to be invited to many places & I wish I could go… but I prioritize being a “Sashiko Practitioner” rather than being a “Sashiko Teacher”. There are tons of things I learn from teaching, but again, my teaching will not be valid when I do not stitch in my ordinary… Well, more honestly speaking, I just want my time to stitch for myself. I like Sashiko after all.

For the year of 2023, I have 2 more workshops planned as of now. One in Stuart, FL, in April (Apr. 1-3) with @ayafiberstudio , and another in Auburn, NY (Oct. 6-8) with @schweinfurthart . Our Sashiko workshops are often fully booked in advance, but I learned that there are a few seats available for the one in Florida. For the workshop registration in FL, please visit Aya Fiber Studio ( & read the details. It is about a month from now.

After challenging years in Covid with developing the Online Sashiko Class to keep sharing the Sashiko we practice, I am now confident that I can offer the same experience both In-Person & Online. One of the things I cannot do in Online, unfortunately, is the opportunity for them to touch what we make. Our Sashiko “talks” – and many feel “something” in it. I know it is just a piece of fabric & garment… but I am very proud of what we make via sharing the stories & “something” in it.

When we have a chance, I invite Online Sashiko Class students to meet, either in my city (Lewisburg), or anywhere I go. They are always available for them. So, you/they will not miss anything by taking the Online Sashiko Class. I offer throughout support (and therefore I also set a limit on the numbers of participants). I just find the experience of sharing “something” together is one big treat for In-Person Workshop. I am looking forward to meeting you in FL, in NY, and also somewhere at some points via Online. Thank you.


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