March 01, 2023 at 08:34AM

I understand “Culture” as “A Big River” nearby us. Everyone nearby gets benefits from the River to maintain their ordinary. No one owns the River, but the River is for the people & community nearby. It is up to them to think for others, especially those who use the Same River in DownStream. SDGs may be explained as taking care of our River for the people in DownStream.

It is important to be mindful about the River nearby. Also, it is very important to acknowledge where the River Comes from. No matter how we take care of the River nearby, when the upstream is ruined, the whole River can be contaminated. I believe this analogy with River is easy to imagine. The Culture is the same – when we ignore the upstream, the culture nearby, and the culture our children receive will be something different. In culture, it is very important to acknowledge “whom” staking their lives as upstream.

When you learn, please be mindful of whom you are learning from – a good teacher “always” shares their upstream. Even a ‘Self taught’ teacher has upstream they used as resources. It is learners’ responsibility to ask. If you are a Sashiko teacher here, specify the upstream you learned Sashiko from. From the Internet? Youtube? That’s fine. Just clarify what. If you learned Sashiko from our Youtube, then teaching Sashiko & making money, no need to change. Just clarify the upstream. I will NOT ask to pay or stop teaching- my priority is to share the upstream – not control the River nearby. The worst case scenario is the ignorance to the upstream… and it is happening & I can speak up because of “English” by luck.

Our life exists in a flow – past, present and future. It is connected, and I am speaking out on the importance of the “past” so that we can enjoy the “present”, and you can be the “future”.


#Sashiko #刺し子


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