February 26, 2023 at 11:15AM

After the lecture, I got a very good question: [What is your dream in Sashiko?]. Is it to be famous in the textile field? Having Fancy Studio & Production? Making Good Money? Publications? Recognition as an Artist? Fame? I had to think about this for a bit – and I said my goal is that I can keep the Same Sashiko 10 years, and 30 years from now in the way I enjoy today. Everything else I mentioned above (like money & fame) are all means to make my dream come true. Even a small dream of having my own studio (or a space) for Sashiko is a vehicle – my dream is that I can do the exact same thing in the future – therefore, I want to share the Stories.

A “Craft” culture doesn’t end when a craftsman or an artisan decides to quit their activities. Here, in the same logic, Sashiko Culture does NOT end when I (or we) decide to quit Sashiko. However, I can say for sure that the Sashiko Culture I practice will end when the artisans who indirectly support me become the Sashiko Artisan (like makers of threads, needles, thimble, and fabric who are also the artisans). To support them back somehow is the indirect dream to make my direct dream (of keeping my Sashiko as is) for the long-going future.

One may say they don’t need a thimble. It is a true statement for them. However, for me, keeping the stories & technique how significant “the thimble” is will support the artisans & the Sashiko in my future. I guess I am pretty self-centered and I am very particular in what I want. I just want to keep stitching the way I do today – and I would like to have the same tools, supplies and mindset that I have today. Unfortunately, the Sashiko introduced in English is optimized for Western Teaching & Audience. They aren’t wrong, but not enough. I will keep sharing the Stories as well as our Sashiko so that we can have the same “Addictive Fun” in 10 years & 100 years.


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