February 25, 2023 at 12:11PM

Until the year of 2011, I wanted to “end” the Sashiko I was with. For me, it was a chain of negativity back then. After 12 years, I had an honor to present the Sashiko I have received – as the culture I am so proud of. I really appreciate the kind & warm audience today. I was so nervous that I don’t remember what I said in the lecture (The script I prepared & practiced was kind of meaningless…). However, I hope I could communicate the significance of “Acceptance” in Japanese culture & Sashiko. I plan to offer the same(?) lecture online in May. Please wait for an update for this.

The title of the lecture was [Cultural Sustainability] – I specifically used this word. I asked if anyone thought of the [Cultural Appropriation] by finding this title. A majority of people raised their hand… yet they came to listen to my lecture. It is the biggest pleasure that they care although it could be something uncomfortable to hear for non-Japanese.

Long-story short. You know my summary when you follow this account long enough. I “encourage” you to call your stitching Sashiko (only if you want) under one condition – “acknowledgement (of the stories behind the word of Sashiko)”. I sincerely hope that we can keep communicating to find out “our” – “my” – and “your” Sashiko together.

I studied so much to come to the States to college – the motivation was to “evacuate” from Sashiko. Now, in order to preserve the Sashiko we practice, I am using English. English itself is a great power – if I weren’t speaking English, this lecture wouldn’t be happening. It may look like a big detour – but it is true that there is nothing “waste” in our lives – the importance of acceptance. DM me or tag me if you had changce to say hello after the lecture – As much as this is “Instagram”, I would like to be connected & would like to keep in touch!

Big thanks to my family for allowing me to do this – and using them in some jokes. Next time, (I hope) I will not reuse the same jokes!!


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