March 06, 2023 at 09:26PM

“Story” isn’t only for entertainment – it often comes with wisdom. Stories carry the reasons for what we continuously have today. In other words, something long-lasting always has a “Story” to share. I shared the importance of the needle on @UpcycleStitches . A story tells why I use our needles.

I saw a discussion of “Good Needle for Sashiko” saying “I like this needle because it has a large eye”. Sure, easiness can be one reason to pick, but I want them to think why then not all the needles have large eyes. Sashiko was a form of stitchery for survival – stitching in harsh conditions with limited resources. The Japanese stitched to make fabric stronger & more durable. This philosophy continues even when we have more “choice” – so our Sashiko is based on the idea of making fabric stronger. See? This short summary already tells the reason for our needle with extremely small eyes (almost the same thickness of the threads). A needle with a large eye “could” end up with damaging the fabric more instead of making the fabric stronger. Therefore, the needle has the eye size of the thickness of the thread & needle body. “Easiness” is an important aspect to keep culture. However, it doesn’t explain the whole. There is a huge difference between “Can’t” and “Don’t”. I want you (them) to have choices rather than limiting their choices by focusing on easiness.

Stories are important – and therefore, the name matters. There are people behind the words. Freedom of individual choice is very important. I agree. I just would like to ask, though. Is it really a choice among many stories behind the culture, or just the only choice we have? All I do is to offer “choices” so we do not need to suffer from “No more choices” in the future.


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