June 29, 2021 at 03:15PM

“Use whatever you want” is a valid statement when they know the difference & how hard the origin worked to make it happen. A thimble and Sashiko needles (with specific length) is “optional” for Sashiko only when they know how to use them (otherwise, it is just an excuse for their lack of skill). Stitching from the back of the fabric? Making Knots to stop or NOT making knots to stop? It is a choice of “Sashiko practitioners”, not a rule or answer – therefore, if they teach, they need to be able to do both – Again, it cannot be an excuse for their lack of skill and understanding.

If Sashiko is a practice of filling the “each stitch printed on the fabric”, then the stitchers experience a part of Sashiko. There is nothing wrong with stitching on the “each stitch sized pre-printed fabric”. I can do that if I have to (I do not prefer the fabric to tell me what to do, though). However, after experiencing the moment of “letting the needle run”, then we can talk about Sashiko. Try not to control the needle as your partner too much. Ask him/her what they want. When you run, don’t you trust your legs? Or… do you measure how long each interval has to be in each step?



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