July 01, 2021 at 09:20PM

700 days. I made myself write a story per day. In May 2019, I learned the concept (pain) of Cultural Appropriation. When I say, “the information you know about Sashiko in English is insufficient”, I felt a sort of “responsibility” to explain why it is not enough. I believe I have done a good job so far, although I feel I have shared only 10% of all stories.

As I have mentioned before, I tried to customize myself to repeat the same message here. Then, I realize how burned-out I am. At least 30 minutes, sometimes more. I had spent more than 350 hours in 2 years. It has been my wish to offer you something to think about – once a day – where you can sit with it and think/feel it through. If I were to “customize” to repeat, then the wish would get diluted. Well, there is a reason I had to “customize” myself. I need to balance my life (make ends meet). 

I am burned out. Therefore, I will slow myself down, and “may not” post everyday. I will continue sharing and repeating Sashiko Stories. Unfortunately, Nothing has changed over the last 2 years. The “superficial trend” of Sashiko keeps bringing me pain. However, I met many caring people who read mindfully what I write (like you) –  you and I may probably change something together. To do so, I will keep sharing the Sashiko Stories. 

If you are new here, please try to read as many posts here as possible. Also a lot of information can be found from the link on my profile. If you are busy, listening to Youtube videos while you do something can be a good start. I appreciate your interest here.


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