June 28, 2021 at 02:23PM

We all have our own beliefs and justice. No personal belief is identical even in the same culture & language. I am sharing something foreign to you (Sashiko) in my second language (English). Of course, my stories can be different from your expectations. However, that’s the reason you are here. The difference (uncomfortableness) is the seeds of understanding. Since you are interested in Sashiko & Japanese culture, please learn the difference. Ignoring the difference & forcing your value on me (& Sashiko) is the (only) problem I feel = it leads to many types of cultural issues.

Since I expect this, understanding the difference, my activity occasionally ends up with disagreement. It can be quite ugly – especially when it is based on “business (profit)”. I fulfill my responsibility that I agree no matter what. However, I do not compromise my belief either – since I am teaching Sashiko there. 

I ask a returning student to bring their thimble & needles to the 2nd workshop they take. Some dislike this expectation because it will not be convenient to the students – all the supply should be available. My expectation is based on the story of “spirit”. I do not want to encourage them to minimize the feeling of that – by offering another extra set of tools. It is PERFECTLY fine to have several sets of tools. It is fine to lose needles & thimble. They leave when they want. However, the teacher should share this cultural convenience over the “convenience”. Am I being extra difficult? Probably so. However, someone gotta share it regardless if it pleases the customer/owner or not. Please do not ignore the difference. There are always stories there.


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