June 25, 2021 at 08:47PM

Some of you may have realized it. Yesterday’s post, it is not only toward you but also to myself. The Internet caused the emotional pain I have never felt. However, it also created a place for me to be. No matter how bad I feel, I know you are here to read. I made it here again today, and so will I be here again to write another story. “a Place to be (Ibasho)” is one of the reasons I can continue this painful journey without return (in regular successful measures such as money or title). 

Some may wonder, “Isn’t this account related to Sashiko”? Yes, it is. Their wonder explains how much they do not know about Sashiko. I believe the concept of “Ibasho” is more essential than how “beautiful” one can stitch in Sashiko. In Japan, in patriarchy, women served for the family. In such limited (emotional) resources, they probably shared the time in stitching here and there – a place for them to be. They learned Sashiko in a place (either family or community), and therefore, there is no such a thing as “Right or Wrong” in Sashiko. Did they ever want to be a Sashiko Artist? The majority didn’t think of going outside of the community. It was their honor to protect the “place to be”, and their pride to “keep improving” their stitches.

It is my honor to offer the place for you to be, and my pride to keep “sharing” the Sashiko stories instead of “filtered information” to profit off from indifference in the place I would like to protect.


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