June 26, 2021 at 07:12PM

I didn’t know the word “Emotional Pain” until I moved to the US. Of course, we have a similar way to describe it in Japanese, I cannot think of the exact word to imply “Emotional Pain” as English word does (It requires some description to explain it). Similarly, many Japanese words I introduce here (such as “Ibasho”) require additional description to explain the whole. When I can exactly translate the word from JP to EN, I wouldn’t introduce the Japanese word.

Emotional Pain is as suffering as Physical Pain. It exists. We just cannot see the actual bleeding.I would never understand your pain as you will probably not understand my pain. It is okay. I am not here to “convince” you that you are okay. I am here, with as less judgement as possible, sharing why it hurts so much when people intentionally filter the culture while ignoring the voice.

I have a strong belief. “We can survive in the worst harsh situation when we have warm food & 1% of laughing, and “a place” to be (even temporary). This place doesn’t have to be by physical location. More like a sense of belonging to. As I said, I cannot help you. I wish I could offer you warm food with my jokes in person. However, I can offer a place here. I would like to offer a place like here to share the Sashiko we practice. 


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