June 24, 2022 at 12:03PM

Well… it is indeed happening: a word starts walking by itself in its trend with leaving stories behind (言葉の一人歩き). The whole purpose of this account is to “share” so that I can fulfill something filtered out by those who make profit out of “Sashiko” & “Boro”. I received comments expressing their surprise at my previous post saying that [I didn’t know the Boro has a negative aspect]. As I have explained deeply in English Live Streaming on 6/23, the word “Boro” with positive meaning is a very recent phenomena. Calling someone “Oh your Boro looks Cool” can be extremely insulting in some cases – and trend with those cultural stories behind can be quite painful to someone like me – who try to pass it down.

The trend is ongoing: The bigger, and the faster I can handle. Some advised me that “Sashiko” and “Boro” was in #SewingBee Show. It has quite a big impact in terms of publicity… but I don’t know if it will be a good one or not. Since I haven’t watched the episode, I will not talk about it at this moment. However, “Boro” introduced in English is insufficient: it is missing a lot of important essences.Although it is not my intention to summarize the essence so superficially, I couldn’t keep silence to see “Boro” being something “fancy” without any cultural contexts. To question today’s trend, I made a video on Youtube. I hope you have time to watch that.

It is NOT me who can change this trend. We don’t need to “Stop” the trend because the trend itself is good stuff – we should “recycle” and “reuse” what we have. I just want the trend to be more mindful, especially because they are using Japanese words. It is YOU who can change this trend, and therefore I keep sharing stories here so that you can learn more. Please do NOT celebrate “Boro” with ignorance. Please appreciate Boro with proper knowledge & wisdom.


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