June 20, 2022 at 08:28AM

I talk about the importance of the Japanese Language in order to understand what Sashiko fully is. However, it doesn’t mean that every Japanese (anyone with fluent Japanese language skill) is well educated to define what Sashiko is. Some are using the word “Sashiko” to market themselves regardless of their language. I keep sharing “why” language is important to have the proper understanding “to teach others” about a cultural practice. However, again, it doesn’t mean that one needs to master the Japanese language to enjoy/practice Sashiko. Anyone can & should enjoy Sashiko – This account exists to fulfill the gap due to the language insufficient. Don’t simplify culture. Of course, unfortunately, there are Japanese who do not care & acknowledge Sashiko & Boro that their ancestors were practicing.

One of the most scary things about Sashiko being a trend in “West (in English)” exists in our (Japanese) subconscious mindset. We have been trained to look up West – to catch up with what the While Culture does (did). I can keep counting how much we value the Western Culture and Trend “from” West, even if it is based on our Japanese Culture. Therefore, when “Sashiko in English” is introduced to Japan, the non-Japanese Sashiko teachers may be valued more because they can say they are the “expert in Sashiko in West” even without the proper language skill. That’s how “damaged” the Japanese subconscious is… (It is a long story to explain why it has been damaged. I will talk about it on Youtube Live if you are interested).

The principle of Sashiko exists in the ordinary of the national isolation of Japan (1639~1853) – when many unique cultures & rituals are created. The culture should be altered over time. However, I believe the change has to be done with mindfulness & understanding of many stories.


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