June 17, 2022 at 10:29PM

Around 2009~2010, a few years before I “determined” to spend my life in Sashiko, Sashiko wasn’t something to enjoy at all. In much suffering, I challenged myself (ourselves) to make this type of Denim with patchworks with small pieces of fabric that no one were to use. I didn’t know the concept of SDGs. I never thought of Sustainability, yet what I was doing is exactly what the current trend indicates. In Japanese culture, our “ordinary” itself can be an action of SDGs, and for its sustainability. Therefore, I am sharing the stories of Sashiko and Japanese culture – Culture as an accumulation of voices & stories.

Several Sashiko Artisans criticized this as “Non-Sashiko” items. I believe many thought the same thing. They just didn’t verbalize it. Now, interestingly, this type of “patchwork” is known as “Sashiko”. Culture Changes. We all changes (although we dislike changes in general). Therefore, it is extremely important to keep sharing the stories so that “we” can acknowledge people & practice, instead of ignoring something foreign to maximize their profit & convenience.

I had a Good Live Streaming on the previous Thursday night (16th). The archive is on Youtube – SashikoStory Channel. I hope you would find time to listen to it so that the Sashiko we practice will be more closer to you.




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