June 19, 2021 at 05:14PM

I appreciate all of your supportive comments. I do acknowledge there is a (silent) audience in front of me, and without you (them), I would have stopped sharing stories so long ago. I know you are there – therefore, I am here. However, unfortunately, the pain cannot be determined by the majority decision. I understand that I need to ignore the “ignorance” to keep my sanity – yet, my message is to care (not ignore)… so I still cannot give up on who we really are no matter how badly I get hurt. Is it too idealistic to believe that, one day, “they” will try to learn from the origin rather than someone who gives them a quick answer?

My message is simple. “Please learn what Sashiko is instead of cherry-picking the adjusted Sashiko filtered by non-Japanese (experts).” I am NOT denying them. I am just saying what they teach is not enough to describe the whole picture. In this big trend of Sashiko, this simple message of mine can make a lot of enemies. My friends were right – it is too late to share what Sashiko is “without pain”. 

I know you are there, and I am very grateful for that. However, again unfortunately, my pain continues until this trend ends and “superficial Sashiko experts” move onto something else. I am here with dignity as a Japanese – Sashiko is more than their trend. I may be a Samurai serving Sashiko… (another reason I suffered in Sashiko, but a different story). Even one person can bring pain, but I will keep speaking up as long as there is one person who wishes to listen.


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