June 18, 2021 at 08:35AM

I am not strong at all. I try to be strong, but I am not. There is only so much that I can carry on.

I feel the pain almost everyday. This is the pain of someone repainting who I am (what I grew-up with). Those who stab me with a smile tell me it isn’t so painful. I want to be a Story-Teller in Sashiko & Japanese Culture. I try to be as “objective” as possible. However, I am a human – with emotion. I am not strong at all.

Last 6 days, as I learned more about what is going on in this trend, I really realized where I stand now. I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t eat. I didn’t realize how much (emotional) blood I was bleeding. 

I welcome anyone to enjoy Sashiko. I really want you to enjoy it. “Freedom of choice and Art” is a valid concept. I respect that. However, please know that one’s “joy” may be someone’s pain. Please don’t justify yourself with your own value – especially if you are in a privileged group. What you think is “right” with complete innocence may be stabbing someone’s heart. Sashiko isn’t someone’s “trend”.



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