June 12, 2021 at 01:00PM

I had shared some of my understanding about the relationship between language & culture. My message is clear – if one teaches about the cultural topic (here, Sashiko), then don’t the teachers have to be fluent in that language spoken there? I received many types of reactions, from agreement to accusation to me for being arrogant (?). I am NOT saying they have to be fluent in Japanese to enjoy Sashiko – or even teach Sashiko as a part of their teaching of general art. However, if one makes money by representing themselves as an expert in “Sashiko”, then… is it too much to expect them to be fluent in Japanese? 

I wanted to share the pain from this. While I was brainstorming, I read an Instagram post by Daki (@woolandtheforest) thanks to Ainur (@mamasteddybear) – talking about a phrase of “Our Language as a Protection (to Our Culture)”. This is a summary of my pain – the protection violently broken by other languages. I wrote a long article on Patreon about what it means to me. With a big appreciation to Daki & Ainur, I made the article available to the public for a period of time. I hope you will find mindful time to read my story & follow Daki & Ainur for their perspective (pain) in this matter. 



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