June 20, 2021 at 01:07PM

In the post where I shared how badly I was (emotionally) bleeding, one said to me “All You Do is Complaining”. It is an example of stabbing with their good intention. It happens a lot. I just didn’t expect to be stabbed when I just got up from the pain in the sea of emotional blood. A core issue exists within this.

In this commercialized society with a consumption mindset, I understand the “difficulties” to learn from what I am sharing. We are trained to expect that there is such a thing as “the answer”. This is a by-product of making the teaching as a product. In order to “sell” teaching, one has to offer the answer (I am NOT judging “teaching as a product”. Read the free article on Patreon first). I also sell “my answers” saying “this is my part of a whole Sashiko”.

They need to get out of the “fantasy” that there is always “the answer”. Do they realize the answers they receive may be“filtered” for someone’s convenience? My answer is also filtered by my entire-life. Therefore, I share as many stories as possible around. Therefore, I will never call my Sashiko the “Genuine (Ultimate/True/Authentic) Sashiko”. I always say, “This is the beginning” at the end of my class.

As I always say, I want you to find (define) your own Sashiko by learning what Sashiko really is(was). Many have done that. Some are in the process now. I hope more to join. The first step is to uninstall the expectation of “You Teach Me so I will have the answer”. I work hard to be a good teacher. However, I do not plan to be a good salesperson to sell you the “teaching”. There is no such a thing as “the answer”. All there is “stories” and “people”. It includes my life both joy and pain. I believe I am sharing what Sashiko really is (for us) here and on other platforms. If they think “All He Does is Complaining”, then they need to face their issue first. 

日本語だけ読むと刺し子感が薄いこのアカウント。一晩考えてみたのですが、やっぱり同じプラットフォーム内で完結するのが一番だと思うので、昨日ご紹介したノートと並行して @sashiko_dad の刺し子投稿を増やす予定です。ここでもずーっと日本語は書き続けるので、長い目で応援頂けたら嬉しいです!文字数制限がなければ、両言語ここで良いんですけどね……。

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