June 02, 2024 at 10:57PM

Mending Sunday. (Stitching) Speed isn’t really the priority for me. However, it is nice that it would take only 3~4 hours to enjoy minor mending for tomorrow’s denim. There are so many approaches to Mending & Sashiko… among those, with learning the “Form”, when I accept the possibility of a lousy result, I skip the process of basting. (Please do NOT skip basting. It is extremely important. If you skip, do it at your own risk, please).

As the word “Visible Mending” became a trend, I can see many celebrating the mending & showing how they mend it. It is a great trend to appreciate the fabric, but the whole purpose of mending exists in “Keep Using It”. The Japanese originally practiced Sashiko to make fabric stronger so that they can delay future mending. When they needed mending, what they thought of was how they could use it longer & how they can add/repeat mending when it is required again. Once we mend, it is the beginning of a never ending story of stitching. Therefore, I say, Sashiko is a way to add stories to your favorite items – which you would keep using.

I wouldn’t need this mending if my legs were a bit longer… I guess mending is more realistic than making my legs longer… so I will enjoy the future mending when it comes to the point again.



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