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In order to understand how Japanese practice develop over time, it is important to be familiar with the concept of [Shu-Ha-Ri (守破離)]. This philosophy exists as the foundation of unique and creative development. “Creativity” for Japanese is NOT doing “Whatever”. “Doing something Traditional” isn’t just focusing on old things. It requires us to do something new (creative), yet it requires us to appreciate what others have done to bring it to us. Creativity in many Japanese “道 (Dou)” contain the idea of Shu-Ha-Ri.

Shu (守) can mean “protect”. In this contect, it indicates the importance of following the teacher’s “form”. Instead of one’s self, Shu teaches the importance of learning from old. Spending 10 years in a Sushi Restaurant without receiving any teaching is one of the processes of “Shu”. Ha (破) can mean “Break”. On top of what one learns, they can break the existing “Form” that they mastered. Ri (離) can mean “Leave” – in this case, it indicate the new departure as a new “Form” from the old form they learned from. In the life-long process of ShuHaRi, we have developed such rich cultures.

Unfortunately, in Today’s Sashiko, introduced in English, this philosophy is ignored. It is because non-Japanese who do not understand Shu-Ha-Ri focused on their profit & convenience, and “used” Sashiko practice to get what they want. There are so many Japanese who are still in the process of “Shu” – and therefore their voices are not as loud…

Please try to follow what I teach with the materials we use. It will change a lot of superficial Sashiko experience. It isn’t my words – I have received so many reviews on that. Once many choose the materials & teaching we offer, then they will be more easily accessible… You are the part of the future of Sashiko.

[守破離] について再度英語で書いてみました。日本の芸事が、世界の常識からみたら相当独特な発展をしてきたのは、この守破離の思想が基にあると思っていて、刺し子においてもある程度の守破離は必要なんだろうと思っています。一生を費やす職人の世界ではなく、家庭内に存在した針仕事ではありますが、守り、破り(疑問を呈し)、離れる(己の形を作る)のは、日本的な発展です。ちなみに、元々は千利休の言葉からの引用のようです。その締めくくりには「規矩作法 :守り尽くして破るとも離るるとても本を忘るな」とあるように、離れたとしても本質は失うな…という当たり前の話でもあるのです。その当たり前が蔑ろにされているから、英語圏での刺し子には苦言を呈したいんだろうと思うのです。

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