June 04, 2024 at 04:09PM

Sashiko was born out of choices. Some of course enjoyed Sashiko, and the others had to do Sashiko regardless. It is disrespectful to rewrite Sashiko based on the value we have, as the one who lives today with so many choices that they wished to have. Unfortunately, the Sashiko introduced in English is focusing on “how it looks” too much and ignoring the Story. As some ignorance may come from “Not-Knowing”, I am here to share the story. As other ignorance seems to be intentional based on their profit & convenience, I am here to speak up.

I was born in Japan as a Japanese person – so my life has been full of “Choices”. To experience how they would feel out of choices in stitching, I decided to stop purchasing new clothes in 2016. Ever since, I stitch (mainly first to strengthen the fabric), and then keep mending. The fabric can last long. It won’t last long for a lifetime, or even generations, but my issue is staying fit rather than having tattered clothes. That is the wisdom we appreciate now. How it looks is important as an artistic & creative activity. I enjoy it, too. However, please keep learning & listening to the stories to respect the original practice (upstream).

Well… you, who are here reading this, are those already listening & keep learning. I appreciate your interest & willingness. My challenge is to deliver the message to those who do not want to listen to it (because it may change their comfortness more than they wish). So, I will keep repeating the same words so that it may be delivered to them at some point. Sashiko is NOT a word for mending like this. These before & after photos aren’t the core of our Sashiko (although I enjoy it). Please do not twist the fact.




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