June 02, 2022 at 08:36PM

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In Cultural Contents, the language is important. In fact, the language consists of a great part of the Culture. In order to deliver the message, I am learning English. In order to understand Sashiko more, I am also learning my own language – Japanese. The Japanese language is extremely unique – and therefore, Sashiko can be unique, too. (Stitching itself isn’t unique).

My name is “Atsushi”. In Kanji, it is “淳”. The Kanji has 2 ways to read – On & Kun. For this character, for On, it is “Jun”. For Kun, it is “Atsu-i” and “Sunao”. When it comes to a person’s name – It can be, [Aki, Atsu, “Atsushi”, Kiyo, Kiyoshi, Suna, Sunao, Tadashi, Toshi, Nu, Makoto, Yosi)… and each character has meaning. For my name, it is “Caring” and/or “Simple”. Well… you judge if my parents succeeded or not, lol.

[“Sashiko – 刺し子” means little stubs] is well-known “definition” in Sashiko today. It isn’t wrong, but it cuts many layers of interpretation above. Another reason I say “Sashiko introduced in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient”. Of course, there are English words that we cannot translate well to Japanese. That’s how “different” and “difficult” it is to have cross-cultural understanding. Please keep learning instead of justifying the Instant Gratification by saying “Inspired” or “–Style”. No need to “master” Japanese to understand Sashiko. That’s what I am doing here. If they do not have time to learn Japanese, then I want them to read my stories before they “teach” Sashiko. Otherwise, it will be a dangerous action to filter (suppress) the culture.


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