June 03, 2022 at 10:32PM

If you are new here and our Youtube Channel, you may find me stitching only (mainly) on Indigo Dyed Fabric with White Thread. Because of these visuals, you may think that I am very “traditional” and “conservative” in Sashiko. In reality, I am the opposite. I like the combination of Indigo & white thread – and I do not use this combination because I feel I need to protect the tradition. I use it because I am too lazy to think about the good color combination (I don’t take risks – I am the one who keeps eating the same menu in one specific restaurant).

A post on SNS is not enough to fully describe what we do. A video on Youtube is better than a post, but it is still not enough. Because “it” requires a series of stories, I keep speaking up – We believe that the one principal of Sashiko exists in this Jacket. Sashiko isn’t in the past yet. There are still so many skilled Japanese Sashiko Artisans. I am here to share so that I can keep supporting them.




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