July 26, 2021 at 09:44PM

After saying bye to my daughter at Day Summer Camp, my wife and I spent a good 5 hours cleaning the house. Mainly Deep Carpet Cleaning (with always ending up with the agreement to get hardwood floor the “next” summer), and other laminated floor scrubbing with Zokins. I enjoy this kind of day. I rarely eat out simply because I like cooking. Easy gardening (like tomatoes) will always be a good addition to the hot summer. I am just an ordinary happy man, with learning the new pain because I learned English language. Criticizing me as an angry and unhappy man is already the reflection of the social issues they are in.  

Deep Cleaning. Product Packaging. Order Fulfillment. And, other daily “house chores”. Some advise me to outsource them so that I can have “more” time. Yes, I am often busy, but with those “more time”, what would I do? To market myself to look bigger than who I am? Market our product so I would get more money? I am tired of those “purpose” oriented mindset as if there are better things when I focus on productivity. They say it is the time to get happiness with Sashiko. Well, I am already happy by doing those “ordinary” things (Of course, I want to earn money to make my dream happen, but not by sacrificing what I do today).

Sashiko existed in the ordinary. Therefore, the “ordinary” is precious. As long as I can move (physically), I will not let others do this seeding of happiness. Seriously. Cooking a meal for my daughter’s smile with “Daddy’s food is the best” is the happiness I find & define.


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