July 27, 2021 at 01:13PM

Clean Carpet Smell. Shining Floor. Fresh Baked Bread. I am glad that the “precious ordinary” resonates with many of you. Happiness is not something to win, it is something to realize (in the ordinary). It took so many years & excruciating (embarrassing) detours for me to realize the importance of the ordinary. We can “choose” to clean the carpet, polish the floor, and bake the bread. So we can choose to enjoy Sashiko. We Choose To Stitch/Mend out of so many choices.

The fact we can call our choice as “ordinary” is one form of privileges. We work so hard to maintain the ordinary, and I am not minimizing our sweat and tears. However, we have choices. We have so many choices in Sashiko as well – and often, the choices are filtered by the person who has a loud voice. I say there is no such a thing as Right and Wrong in Sashiko. However, it doesn’t mean that “Whatever” is okay. I am NOT avoiding the discussion in Sashiko (if the argument is valid, I would learn from it). I am just asking to doubt what they know before they enjoy the simplified, filtered, and customized answers, especially if the information source isn’t from Japanese. A choice can be a power, and sometimes, I can be a violence creating pains.

The Japanese who originally developed Sashiko didn’t have “choices” but stitching. Did they really embrace the imperfection? Was “making rice grain size stitches” so important to them? Do they enjoy “visible mending”? Maybe so, and Maybe Not. Therefore, we have to keep imagining based on our continuous learning. Filling those gaps is “History” – and I am here to share stories. The significance of “trend” is to make a practice extraordinary to stand out. I hope you can be a part of the stones in this trend.  


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