July 25, 2021 at 07:36PM

“Sashiko described in English isn’t wrong, but it is insufficient”. My Sashiko Stories in English are for fulfilling the “missing pieces” of this. There is an example of this “Western Development/Simplification” within the Japanese Word. It is Reiki. Reiki (靈氣) is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.

Reiki in English is “Correct & Valid”, but I believe it does not cover the whole picture of the Reiki it was practiced in Japan. 99.9% of the Reiki practiced today is established based on Usui-Reiki → via Hayashi Reiki → then Takata Reiki. Some say GHQ prohibited some Japanese spiritual work/healing after WW2, and the Japanese imported Western Reiki later on.

Reiki or similar energy work existed in the ordinary for the Japanese people, I believe. It is natural to believe in invisible matter when we live in Animism & Shinto. For that matter, Reiki itself isn’t only Japanese practice. The similar practice has happened all over the world – just Japanese has its name for that.

“Sashiko being imported from Western Culture (as a whole picture)” is my fear, especially because Sashiko isn’t established within Japan. The culture of “Sushi” will be protected by the Japanese. It is so established. We have lost so many Sashiko artisans with no voices left – so I am afraid of the future of “Sashiko” becoming merely a technique, and “Boro” being just a visible mending. 

*I am not a master in Reiki. I apologize for any possible incorrect information I had shared. However, please understand that I am talking about Japanese ”靈氣” rather than Western Reiki, here.


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