July 22, 2023 at 09:26PM

Do you have a post that you strongly remember from this account? What is the most memorable caption you have read here in the past?

I am too sick of one’s entitlement to keep forcing the “advice” as if they is decent. The harmful ignorance is the one who ignores the ignorance. They think it is a matter of “discussion” with ignoring the screaming to respect the voice. Discussions are effective when they admit their ignorance first. I will not have any discussions in English with those who think they know about Sashiko enough to “teach/advise” others. They need to learn first before making any comments about Sashiko.

As you can see the previous posts, it has been a huge Emotional Labor. I wasn’t planning to spend this weekend like this. I don’t like trolling… but this type of “harassment” is way worse than trolling because what they say can “sound decent” – yet Ignorance is clearly there. I spent an (unnecessary) amount of time reviewing the flow. I confirmed it is the case of Ignoring the Ignorance. The review is on Patreon for now if interested. I do my best to follow the logic even in one creepy interaction that makes me very angry.

Although “speaking up about harmful ignorance” is an important aspect of this account,I hope to shift the role back to the “sharing Sashiko Story”. Please help me to do so by telling me what you remember the most in/from this account. I hope to repeat some of the interesting/profound/shocking words in sharing the Sashiko Story.




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